What act of courage will you take even though it feels so hard?

This week, Mars is with Chiron in Aries. Chiron represents the wounds we carry from previous lives, that show up as major sensitive points in this life. Mars represents the masculine energies within each of us.

Mars meeting Chiron in Aries implies that the masculine within us (and possibly outside of us) is triggered and tired and feeling very sensitive.

You may also be seeing the shadow of Mars in Aries like aggression and anger coming up, along with deep wounds being triggered. And, with Mercury still in Cancer, our feelings may be raw.

All this means is that, you could feel pressure to act a certain way, but it can feel very hard to take the next step ahead of you, like walking through sludge.

There are 4 steps to working with this energy:

– First, be honest with your feelings, definitely feel all your feelings, in a safe way. Let yourself have a meltdown if needed. Acknowledge your sensitivity and accept its presence in your life.

– Then, Cancer being activated so much this month, and with the upcoming Cancer new moon on June 20th, is asking us to hold ourselves like we would a baby, nurturing, taking care of ourselves during this sensitive time. Practicing extreme kindness towards ourselves and others is absolutely essential at this time!

– And finally, remember, we have the power to choose which way this goes. The next thing to do to deal with the Chiron sensitivity is to act with courage (Mars) from the place of reduced emotional charge.

– And then repeat–feel, hold in compassion, act, feel, hold in compassion, act.

As  you do this, the sensitivity reduces and it becomes easier to act despite it.

We all come in with a core wound from previous lifetimes, which is represented by the asteroid Chiron in our charts. I consider Chiron to be one of the most important parts of the chart, to actually unlock and activate our inner power.

In my astrological readings and programs, I focus on Chiron A LOT! That is because, working with Chiron and healing the wound it represents, allows us to access the medicine under the wound, which we then offer to others as a gift--which is the entire point of Chiron in the chart, to lead us to our soul gifts!!

With my Chiron in Aries in the 3rd house, the wound was around expressing my true self powerfully. But as I worked with my Chiron, I started to heal that part of me and bring to light the medicine (Astrology) which I now offer to others 🙂

If you would like to know more about your natal Chiron in your chart, I’d love to support you with a reading HERE.

Remember, the entire purpose of these transits is to help us face our fears of the unknown, and transform our feelings to help us come out more empowered on the other side!

Sending all of you tons of love and courage as we walk this new path together!

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