Integrate + Celebrate Day 3

In the Activate Your Truth and Power Facebook group, we have been going on a journey to integrate this great year and take in all the gifts even if the year was difficult.
Click here for Day 1.
Click here for Day 2:

Here is Day 3:
The next transit we will look at is Uranus in Taurus: 
Shaking up our physical world, foundations, sense of security. Unpredictably. Massively breaking old patterns. Awakening our self-worth.

  • What comes to mind when you think of the words ‘stability and security’
  • How did your idea of stability change over the year?
  • What patterns do you feel need to change going forward?
  • What is not working in your life anymore?
  • What resources did you discover within and outside of yourself?
  • Was it a surprise?
  • How do you feel about yourself and your skills, abilities, resources?
  • What new skills did you learn this year?
  • What skills do you have but didn’t use?
  • What patterns did you break?
  • How are you handling change and unpredictability now?
  • What did you think you needed but can do without now?
  • What are the absolute essential things you need, and what has fallen way that you realize you don’t need any more to feel safe or complete or whole?
  • What were your values & priorities then and what are they now?
  • What gifts of the earth are you enjoying now as a result of the changes this year?

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