Rebirth is in the air!

Rebirth is in the air!
In this 1st full week of April, we have several transits that are supporting new beginnings.
What are you wanting to initiate in your life?

  • Venus and Mars work together to move us towards our destined and desired path. We have options. Can we shore up the courage to move ahead even if all the details are not known?
  • Mercury with Chiron allowing us to compassionately face our wounds and sensitive points, put them into words and perceive the gift underneath.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries supports our individual unique expression in an expansive way!
  • The week ends with the new Moon in Aries that is given extra power by Venus square Pluto. Venus is newly emerging from meeting the Sun, on a quest to find out who she is. Immense strength in this new beginning if we can surrender the urge to control. What is this new YOU that you are becoming wanting to create in the months ahead?

A lot of cardinal Aries in the air-Aries the sign of the bold pioneer, moving into unknown paths with courage and deep instinct that its being guided by its inner wisdom.
Our commitment to knowing the self is supported greatly by these transits.
If you are looking to rebirth yourself, consider working with the Venus cycle in a practical way to infuse your life with joy & purpose.
I invite you to check out Expanding Magic-The Ascent, which does exactly that.
In this program we will focus on

  • recreating our story based on collaboration & co-creation rather than control and competition
  • inviting in lightness and joy
  • holding a vibration of equanimity
  • being able to focus no matter what is going on and
  • opening up creative expression which will then allow other parts of our lives to flourish including relationships & career.

We start on May 3rd and the early bird offer is good till May 1st!
Check out the details HERE.

PS, did you know that the planets represent energies within us? Venus the planet, represents the feminine part of us, that is deeply connected to our values, self-esteem, how we relate to ourselves and others, and even how we attract abundance into our lives! Working with her cycle, is a fun magical way of igniting that part of you, awakening your unique gifts with joy! Curious how it helped me find more meaning in my life? Check it out here.

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