Powerful new beginning

Powerful New Moon in Aries at 22.24 deg later tonight. The Moon is also conjunct Venus at 26 deg, squaring Pluto at 26 Capricorn. And sextile Jupiter in Aquarius & Mars in Gemini.

All this adds up to a powerful new beginning.

A great time to be bold and initiate something new in your life that aligns with your deepest truth and is taking you in the direction you want to go towards.

The square with Pluto means that old values are dying. You are being reborn to a new you. If intense emotions come up, simply help yourself feel them with compassion and love for yourself.

What you think, feel, say and do, feeds into this new moon. So be conscious and aware as you go through the rest of the day and week.

A couple of announcements:

  • For those interested in stepping into Expanding Magic, remember there is a fantastic bonus if you sign up before May 1st (~4 hours of power-packed teachings & exercises to release the blocks to your authentic expression and are timeless teachings!). Read more about it here.
  • Stay tuned for the 2nd topic in the poll from last month: Self-care secrets that you’ve not heard of anywhere else that can refocus your energy and save you at least 5-10 hours every week to spend on whatever you want! I’m working on that and should have it to you by end of the week!

Wishing you an exciting new moon!

PS: I start my new role tomorrow, and I’m super-excited about the potential it holds for me and my future. And what makes my heart sing is how aligned it is with my authentic truth and will allow me to express more of my real self! Working with the Venus cycle has been hugely instrumental in helping me get to this point. If this interests you and you’d like to join us on this magical journey, simply contact me here for next steps!

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