Toolbox for Turbulent Times

We know its been a  crazy ride for humanity right since the beginning of 2020 at least.
On top of that, things have amped up this year, particularly in the past 2 months since the Eclipses.
While it’s all very well to have a cosmic perspective, that the end result is for the betterment of humanity, we still need to deal with it on a grounded level, in a practical way.

I’m inviting to join me for a free series that will begin next Friday, on the Aquarius full moon called Toolbox for Turbulent Times.

Here, I will share with you 7 simple but powerful tools that I actively use.
These are tools I became aware of when I first started to go through my midlife crisis years ago and still use them very regularly.
They have helped me IMMENSELY to go through dark times with grace. Do join in, I will be posting the content in this very Facebook group starting next Friday.
The content will be a mix of videos, teachings, posts in short bite size pieces that you can apply right away to your life.
Also feel free to invite your friends to this group, who you feel might benefit from this!

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