Entering a portal of transformation for the next 3 weeks

Entering a portal of transformation for the next 3 weeks:

Oct 18: Sun square Pluto

Oct 22: Venus conjunct Sun (exact Underworld)

Oct 23: Saturn direct

Oct 25: New Moon Solar Eclipse 2 deg Scorpio

Oct 30: Mars Rx

Nov 8: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16 Taurus

The energy of transformation and change is amplifying, with Pluto/Scorpio archetypes and eclipse tunnel creating a sacred portal for death and rebirth.

Venus in underworld signature is the same as Scorpio, diving into the deep, evaluating what is to be composted forever, and rising with new awareness of what you want to take forward with you.

  • Walk consciously, be aware of the energy and how it impacts you.
  • Have strategies on hand to take care of yourself and handle intensity if that is what you are experiencing.
  • Keep connecting with what makes you feel alive, take action on that
  • Keep the higher perspective in mind/heart. Compassion, kindness as the intensity is affecting all

This month’s Sacred Timings with Swati contains

– October Transits: Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse, Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Venus in Underworld, Mars Rx

– Resolving Karma

– Creativity to resolve past and create the future

– Ways to work with the transit consciously

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