Trusting the non-linear flow and other gifts from 2022 to take into 2023

I am sharing pieces of my personal process in this article, how I navigated the cosmic energy, and reflecting on the gifts I received from this incredible year.

Personal transits: Usually at the beginning of the year, I make a list of all the personal transits that will be activating my chart. This provides a weather forecast kind of information, preparing me for the different kinds of energy that will get activated during the year.

And brings to awareness the shadow/highest essence, giving me a very good idea of the new consciousness awakening within me, so I am aware of how I will need to show up, in order to receive the highest gift from these transits.

I can honestly say that this awareness enables me to navigate the year consciously, and even when the inevitable ups and downs happen, I feel more balanced. This is something I offer in my astrology natal chart readings & coaching program Power of Balance as well, to prepare clients for what’s coming ahead.

From the list in the image, you can see that I went through Pluto/Chiron, Saturn, Uranus/Neptune transits. Pretty much the gamut of underworld, middle world and celestial world transits.

And the theme was very much about

  • dissolving the past self (including the wounds, doubts, fears, identities),
  • activating new gifts that I will bring out into the world through my services and
  • refining my message, communication and expression around this new self.

Stepping out of the old and stepping into the new. I am very grateful for this awareness because each one of those transits needs a different strategy to move through consciously.

The one I felt the most was the dissolution of the Old Self, deeper connection to the divine within (Neptune transits) and the emotions that came with it as well as the courage and determination needed to solidify the new skills (breaking out of the old identity, Saturn and Uranus transits). From this journey, here are some of my observations and gifts received:

Trusting the non-linear flow: I typically tend to do things in a non-linear way. Wisdom of this has shown me that I use less effort in this way. Eg at multiple times during the year, I had more than 3 projects ongoing, and I cycled through them, rather than handling them one by one.

Trusting this flow comes easy to me, but I also have a deep desire for order & completion (all that Capricorn Mercury & Mars), so sometimes it’s very uncomfortable to be in the space where nothing is completed, all projects are in flight.

During this year I was reminded that this is ok. The Neptune/Jupiter/Pisces energies activating my chart really amplified the need to go with the flow, to be aware of where the flow is moving towards and align with it rather than fight it. So much easier that way.

Time dynamics shifting: Over the last many years I’ve had experiences of time expanding and I had begun to see the link between regular emotional clearing and a sense of expansion in my experience of time. That means the more we empty ourselves of heavy emotions, the more freedom and spaciousness we feel within and that shows up in how we experience linear time.

However, this year that feeling magnified, and I experienced several times, a sense of time stopping still (on the clock). I usually don’t speak of these very personal experiences. But I would like to share as a way to bring to your awareness that the expanded consciousness energies we are experiencing allow us to feel linear time in a different way.

To experience this, there is an element of surrender needed, of heavy emotions, of packed schedules and activities that drain us. Conscious use of life force energy is key to allow for flow and going with the flow.

Developing presence and the ability to be present with what is going on is key. If we get hung up on things, can’t give them up, if heavy emotions come up, it’s hard to make aligned decisions that utilize the path of least resistance. This is where we bump up against the tightness of linear time.

As our relationship to time impacts our expression in a big way, this is a topic I will be diving into in The Gift of Your Authentic Voice, my new course on transmuting the wound around communication into authentic joyful higher expression.

Activation of new heart based skills and their growth: In 2022, I focused on completing my Sound Healing Practitioner certification journey and adding those to my work with 1:1 clients. This required practice in order for me to become confident enough to offer sound healings to my clients.

I also signed up for an intense Intentional Creativity teacher training, painted more than ever and led Intentional Creativity processes in 1:1 and group workshops. Both of these I plan to expand in 2023. Both of these require time to embody physically (different from astrology skills which can be a very mental/intellectual activity).

This itself stretched me out of my comfort zone in a big way and required presence, patience and commitment to growing these new skills.

This was the gift that Saturn and Uranus brought to me – Awakening of new skills and the slow steady consistent work that is needed in order to treat them as sacred and bring a level of mastery to. Curating consciousness through sound and art is not for the faint of heart!

Magnifying sound/art & nature: This was a very clear guidance I received when I created a college earlier in the year. I connect most easily to the Divine when I am in nature, when I am painting and when I tone.

Naturally I felt drawn to being on the land, with Gaia and nature for long periods of time. And I noticed that being out in nature allows me to integrate the new frequencies and vibration of Gaia most easily.

This is a key practice for me going forward. If I want to live on New Earth, I need to connect with her on a regular basis.

Amplified peace in heart and access to stillness: There was a direct connection between my time in nature, sound practice & access to stillness.The inner chatter ceases easily and I’m able to be in my heart effortlessly.

This perhaps has been the greatest gift I received this year. The access to inner peace no matter what is going on externally.

Greater aliveness! All that regular painting and sound practice meant that I felt alive and joyful! I was able to commit to a regular Kundalini Yoga practice in the past few months, and that has made a world of difference in the level of physical vitality I feel.

The nodes in Scorpio/Taurus are about giving us access to more aliveness and passion, and doing the activities that allow for our life force energy to flow and bring more of that into the body is a good idea.

Language & Expression up leveling: I had many phases of not wanting to speak for long periods of time. That also means I didn’t feel like writing articles, making videos etc. I had access to more stillness and naturally wanted to stay in that state for as long as was practically possible.

This implied that anything that I wrote or created had to be intentional and purposeful. I became very much aware of where my life force energy was going towards (people and activities) and the intentional aligned use of it was key for me.

This started with really upleveling my thoughts and words, succinct communication and that flowed into my actions as well. This was the gift of Pluto squaring my Chiron/South Node in the 3rd house of expression & communication — composting the old way I expressed in order for a new expression to come through.

As a result, The Gift Of Your Authentic Voice was born- my new course on transmuting the wound to enable higher expression! We start on Feb 1st 2023, check out this link if interested.

Moving ahead: All said and done, I’m deeply grateful for what 2022 brought into my life. And will be taking these gifts into 2023.

I hope this inspires you in your own journey ahead in the new year. I’d love to hear from you what this sparked for you and what are you most excited about taking into 2023?

My services help in navigating these energies with conscious intention and activating your highest expression, through Astro readings, The Gift of Your Authentic Voice, Power of Balance, and Creative workshops.

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I work with the gifts that they provide on a daily basis and it has made a world of difference to my perception of life on this physical plane and the level of ALIVENESS & JOY that I feel now!

And Happy New Year to you!

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