Powerful commitment to honoring your unique expression

Tomorrow, Jan 21st we have the new moon in Aquarius, conjunct Pluto.

Aquarius has been playing host to Saturn for the past 2 years and will soon welcome Pluto, in March, as a long-term guest till late 2043.

The higher expression of Aquarius, as it relates to personal expression, is allowing your unique qualities to shine through.

To let the boldness within you emerge.

To have the courage to stand in your visionary capacity, even if others around you cannot see the wisdom of the bigger picture yet.

Yet, it does take courage to not fit in.

It takes faith to believe so strongly in your own vision, even when  the world around you doesn’t match that or agree with it.

As Pluto traverses through Aquarius, it will first bring the shadow qualities of the sign up for releasing.

There is no escaping the shadow here and in Aquarius there is a tendency to downplay or bypass the shadow.

Watch out for that.

Folks that have completed Power of Balance with me, utilize this weekend and the next few weeks to revisit the Aquarius super powers and undesired qualities.

If you are looking to free up your expression and boldly own your uniqueness, I recommend checking out The Gift of Your Authentic Voice, where we do a deep study of how to work with tough transits (Pluto, Chiron, Saturn) in a practical way that allows for freedom and flow in your expression.

Truly enabling your Highest Expression in this lifetime.

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