Are you moving towards harmony within yourself and with others?

Wishing you a lovely Libra new moon; we are still very much in its window.

There are multiple transits happening currently that are emphasizing the essence of Libra, which is honoring relationship and all points of view. The essence of Libra is relationships, relationship to ourselves and relationship to others and the balance between those. But balanced relationships with others can’t be had if we don’t have a balanced relationship with ourselves first.

The Sun is inconjunct Uranus today which can make this a very difficult energy to handle, wanting to be independent but yet feel like you are very much dependent on others.

We also had Saturn conjunct the South Node, signifying a major ending of sorts. What is coming to an end, hence now allowing a new beginning to take place in your life?

The Sun has also just opposed Chiron recently, and since Chiron in Aries activated, ask yourself, what is your relationship to yourself? 
Are you honoring all parts of yourself? We are not all our sun sign or even moon sign, but a blend of all the different archetypes in our chart. Ask Libra to help you harmonize the relationship between all parts of you.

Eg I have my Venus in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn. Once I learned about my natal chart, I understood why I would prioritize accomplishing goals and doing, over wanting to just go with the flow and paint! My Venus felt very neglected and then it took some practice to allow both of them to work together in a harmonious way!

So often, we can have parts of ourselves conflict with each other. Someone with a  Leo sun and Scorpio moon might feel that conflict between being both an extrovert and introvert. Astrology offers us a super easy way to get to know our own self and allow our relationship with ourselves to deepen.

So this new moon, make a commitment (Saturn in Capricorn) to know thyself and bring harmony to all parts of you (Libra moon & sun), so you can express (Mercury) your Unique self (Uranus) and gifts with courage (Chiron in Aries) and joy!
My courses help you to know yourself intimately so that you can bring balance to all parts of yourself so they function harmoniously.
Click here to find out more if you are interested.

Venus conjunct the moon 
Inanna has ascended from the underworld and is reaching the 1st gate today which corresponds to the base chakra!
Venus’s current synodic cycle started last year in November, when she rose as morning star, in Libra. That means Libra forms the theme for the entire 19 month cycle of Venus.
This is Venus’s journey reclaiming the essence of what it means to be in a conscious equal balanced partnership with others. Not less, not more, but showing up in her full essence, full of value for herself and knowing her deep worth and feeling secure in it.
This is an excellent time to do a ritual to activate this intent within you. I love to go out and see Venus in the evening sky, right after sunset (maybe difficult as she is still close to the horizon).
It is very helpful to be conscious of this transit and every month when Venus meets with the waxing moon.
Work with this question: do you feel safe and secure in all your relationships, to express your true essence? If not, what needs to change? This new moon conjunction with Venus is a powerful time of new beginnings and how you show up in your relationships.

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